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James & Rachel

March 30th 2015 – Gaynes Park, Essex

Hi Lizzie & Rhoddy, Wow. Wow…. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am at seeing this photo. It is stunning! Thank you so much for giving us a little taster of your brilliance. We have seen very few photos from our day – I think everyone was too busy enjoying themselves to take photos(!) – and so it is so nice to be able to see us in our outfits and the venue in all its glory. Every photo brings back joyous memories. I can’t believe how perfect our day was. A HUGE thank you to you both for being so wonderful yesterday. You were so supportive and encouraging, and full of energy which really added to our day. I must say, Rhoddy, I was seriously impressed at how you were able to put James at ease. Like a horse whisperer, you knew exactly what to say and do to bring him out of his shell. I can’t wait to see your shots of the boys which you took before the ceremony. You mentioned in your post that we had the dream team and you are right – I really think we did! All of you guys were so in tune with one another, so professional in how you worked, and it was so reassuring to know that in the stress of it all you knew exactly what to do. What’s more is that you are all extremely talented, as is shown by this gorgeous photo. We honestly can’t wait to see the rest!!!


Haughley Park Barn Wedding Photography - Lizzy & Keiron_0144

Keiron & Lizzy

6th December 2014 – Haughley Park Barn, Suffolk

OMG!!!!!!!!!! We are literally speechless!!! The pictures are a million percent beyond amazing! Can’t actually stop looking at them! You have captured each and everyone’s personality in such a beautiful way, and we will treasure these memory’s forever! I’m sure you know yourself that the day goes by in an absolute flash and it is so lovely to see it all again from beginning to end.


Tracey & Chris - 426

Tracey & Chris

23rd May 2015 – Hatfield House, Essex

Hi Lizzie and Rhoddy. Honestly words cannot describe how fantastic we think all the photos are! It was very emotional looking through them – so lovely to see everyone else’s reactions to the day, something that gets missed on the day itself. I especially like all the shocked/hysterical faces from the Best Men’s speech, and of course Chris’s face when I’m walking down the aisle (that’s a reaction I think I will keep with me forever!) You’ve done such a fabulous job in capturing all the emotions and true happiness of the day. On the day itself I found myself worrying at times that people weren’t having a good time, but all these photos prove just how wrong I was. I keep finding myself going back to look at them all – very distracting at work, ha!! Every time I look through them I find a new favourite – you have made this very difficult to choose ones for the album! We just want to thank you again for being part of our special day – it was so lovely to share it with you both. I know for me having you around was very calming – I knew everything was under control!! Thank you again!! Lots of love, Tracey & Chris xxx


Bernie & Will-80 copy

Bernie & Will

October 2015

Hi Lizzie and Rhoddy, OMG they are beautiful photos!!!!!!!! Thank you so so much!!!! They are incredible!!!!!! You are both so incredibly talented! I have been looking through them all evening (I’m currently in Ireland and Will’s back home – who also loves them!) with my Irish cousin- she is also astounded at them! And my bridesmaids think they are awesome too! We had such a fun day doing them with you and love that we now have such incredible photos to capture the build up to the wedding and which are nice and relaxed! Arrrggghhh so excited for April! Bernie X


Nicola & Ricky - 489

Nicola & Ricky

30th May 2015 – Mount Pleasant Hotel, Yorkshire

Hi Guys, I don’t think either of us can express how in love with our wedding photos we are!! I even stayed up after a night shift to look through them I was that excited! We always knew that you guys would do an amazing job but they are incredible! They are the perfect memory of the best day of our lives and not only did you capture our family and friends, you captured the happiness of the whole day. We have both said how unbelievably happy everyone looks and it’s going to be really hard to select the pictures we want in the house! Who knows, I might make it into wallpaper and just cover my walls!! I just can’t stop looking at them! Throughout the wedding planning we talked a lot about how fab our pictures would be and they truly are! I know we probably sound incredibly soppy, but we are so thankful that you both took the time out to travel up to Yorkshire and capture our day. I hope you both had an amazing and relaxing holiday and thank you so much again! Lots of love, Nicola and Ricky xxxx


Laura & Reece - 379

Laura-Jayne & Reece

NYE 2014 – Crondon Park, Essex

Hi Lizzie and Rhoddy. The photos are just breath taking. You both done such a fantastic job, and we literally can’t thank you enough for bringing our special day alive again, and giving us memories to treasure. We have not stopped showing people how fantastic they are and everyone has said how wonderful they are. You also got some fantastic firework shots, again thank you so much for capturing that special moment for us. I can’t wait to get some printed and we was hoping to get some canvas’ printed for our new house. Hope your both well and have had a lovely start to the New Year so far Laura Jayne & Reece x


Marko & Lucy - 369

Lucy & Marko

14th December 2014 – Gosfield Hall, Essex

Hi guys! Thank you so much for sending these through just in time for New Year! Our parents are going to love seeing them tonight. The photos are amazing!!! We love them all and really love how you included all of our guests in our photos. I love the ones you took of our rings too as we didn’t get to see those so that was a nice surprise! There are just so many that I love that I can’t pick any favourites really! It is going to be difficult choosing some to print! We still can’t believe how sunny it was! It doesn’t look like December in those outdoors shots. We really feel like you both captured the emotions throughout the day and we are just so happy you were a part of our day too!!! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy NYE tonight! Much love, Lucy and Marko


Emma & Stu-695

Emma & Stu

2nd July 2016 – Gaynes Park, Essex

Hi both, Sorry for the delayed reply. We absolutely LOVE our photos and can’t thank you enough!! Some absolutely stunning shots in here which we’ll be able to treasure forever :0). It’s been so great being able to re-live the day over and over (truth be told i wish we could do it all again!) and to see all those special moments that we didn’t personally get to see on the day too – just what I was hoping for! Was great to see what the boys also got up to pre-ceremony!!! Friends & family have been so complimentary on the photos, and on you both too. You were both so fab on the day. Best, Emma & Stu


Emily & Oli - 407

Emily & Oli

2nd August 2014 – Haughley Park Barn, Suffolk

Hi Rhoddy. I’ve spent the weekend showing my friends through the photos, we’re really pleased with them! Can’t wait to get some printed. I really like the black and white portraits and the ones near the hay bales, they are great, they feel very ‘us’. Thank you again so much for taking so many pictures, it’s so nice to look back through them, I find myself grinning like an idiot at the computer screen when ever I see them. I think I’ve now managed to put a screen saver on every possible device at home and at work! Many thanks, Emily.


Louise & Steve - 573

Louise & Steve

28th September 2014 – Newland Hall, Essex

Hi Rhoddy & Lizzie. Thank you so much for our wedding photos. We can’t stop looking at the them and think that you virtually captured every guest in some form or another. Every detail of our wedding can be found in your beautiful photography and we know that our memories of our wedding with never fade now that we have our photos. Thank you so much for being such a massive part of our wedding day. We’ve had lots of comments about how awesome you guys were, and we definitely felt that you were guests and not just our photographer. We had lots of fun and again our photos clearly capture the atmosphere of the day. Thanks again – we’d definitely recommend you guys to anyone. Louise & Steve

Leez Priory Wedding Photography - Amanda & Kit

Amanda & Kit

26th July 2014 – Leez Priory, Essex


We love, love, love the wedding photos! They bring back so many memories which was much needed given what a whirlwind the whole day was. It’s so great seeing both perspectives by having you both there. Honestly can not stop looking through them… No idea how I will ever pick out any favourites!!

Amanda & Kit