It’s Me! Lizzie Slater


Great fun was always to be found making dens underneath Mum’s dressmaking table, twirling & swirling around in yards of silk and tulle… With my familiarity of bridal gowns I couldn’t help but get mixed up in the wedding whirlwind and worked alongside mum selling fairytale frocks to brides to be, meanwhile studying photography. Photographing people has always been my passion, capturing different personalities, styles and emotions in a snapshot is something I find both exciting and challenging. After a dabble in Fashion and Commercial portrait work, winning a Nikon Discovery Award for young, emerging photographers, and subsequently seeing my work published in a number of magazines and newspapers, I soon realised that all the elements that I loved to capture were to be found in a couples wedding day. I love to document and to tell a story through my images. Aside from my love of photography, I also have a huge passion for Fitness and Nutrition, I’ve loved travelling through China and Japan in the past few years and day to day you can normally find me either in the kitchen concocting yummy new recipes or slurping away on huge mugs of coffee and taking big walks with friends in random pretty places!”