Molly & Glenn’s Wedding in Burgundy, France

Molly and Glenn contacted me back in 2017 after meeting me at their friends wedding the year before. They had had an image of themselves that I captured on that day, snuggled up watching the fireworks at Becca and Andrew’s wedding on their mantlepiece for months! 💪

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when the email read that their wedding was being planned at Molly’a aunts village hall…. in… Burgundy, France… that sounds like any photographers dream, however, my parents have had a second home all of half an hour away. I’ve been a frequent visitor to Burgundy since I was 11 and I honestly had always wanted the opportunity to photograph a couple getting married in the area! 😍 You’d struggle to convince me of any other location so beautiful and more relaxed.

Molly and Glenn hoped for a relaxed and sophisticated day in the countryside. With a touch of New York glamour, back to Mollys routes! Burgundy to me has those vibes. Topped with the best fresh foods and amazing wine.

I was due to capture their day alone, which I often do, to maintain my unobtrusive style, but as the day neared, temperatures soared, I asked Molly and Glenn if they would mind my mum (a wedding dress maker) tagging along for the journey! A spare pair of hands for the travel and the day. With a keen eye for detail, always very helpful!

Mum and I met Molly and her girls for Mimosas and pastries at the not so hidden gem, Chateau Bernard on the sunny August morning to start capturing their day. Matching PJ’s, Mimosas flowing and beautiful scenery for miles! It was a great start to the day.

The time quickly passed for us to head through the countryside to a tiny village, Balnot, where we met guest at the central fountain, before heading up the hill to the 15th Century Priory of St Martin, for their outside ceremony!

The afternoon sunshine came down as guests enjoyed canapés and drinks in the priory gardens, before dinner. It was a perfect day.

Let’s leave the photos to do the talking!

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